Tuesday, 9 July 2013

"So whats a cumulative impact assessment"

So today has been one of those interesting days & I wasn’t going to do another post but found myself compelled to.

So i’m doing this post at the moment with two of my fingers strapped up because my hand decided it reaaaallllyyy wanted to know what a dislocated finger felt like so my finger happily obliged >.<

Ah hypermobility!

But the thing is I can only do the things I do because of a lot of physical help, adaptions & aids etc & there is always a physical “price" for everything I do. Disability is a major barrier.

The government have pushed through a vast array of cuts in the light of austerity but to begin with they insisted that the most vulnerable would be protected.

If we fast forward to today there are no promises of protection because they know that it is not being given & with each cut it slices into the safety net making the holes bigger, meaning more & more of the most vulnerable falling through the net. You only need look at the news, to see countless examples of people that were let down & for every one story covered there are many more in the wings.

So tomorrow there is a debate in the house of commons calling for a ‘cumulative impact assessment’ with the aim to try and assess the overall impact of the cuts. Because many people are experiencing several cuts to services all at once instead of just one or two which people could try & adapt to & this is leading people into significant difficulty & hardship.

Many people, news outlets & charities are now seeing the scope of these cuts & how multiple cuts are causing significant problems to vulnerable people & now they want to get the government to see the reality.

Below is a link to a awesome blog that goes into much more detail than I can atm with my wonky finger

Diary of a Benefit Scrounger

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