Friday, 19 July 2013

Its all about perspective.

(Here is a picture of my beautiful long furred baby Syrian tucking into some cucumber to cool down)

It has been hot this week & today is no exception & it is indicative of us brits to whine when its hot & to whine when its cold.

But lets take some perspective here, I’m really hot & I could wine but it wont make me any cooler & I have two beautiful long furred Syrians & the baby of the two’s fur is like silk & wool. Now we have been keeping them both cool but especially today the baby has had his moments when I’ve found him either lying ‘splat’ on his front or on his back with all his feet in the air. I would be lying if i said he hasn’t whined (he really can for a hamster) but I cool him down again & he gets on with it & snuggles down to fall asleep.

Now the difference is I could think of only of me & whine about how hot it is but I have the ability to strip off to my birthday suit if I so wished (with the blinds down not to scare the neighbours of course lol) whereas my beautiful little hamster doesn’t have such an option.

This is my point. Its ok to whine as long as afterwards we put it into perspective & carry on with what we are dealt because any whining is only going to increase our own suffering. I understand that this is not always possible & especially for people with disabilities because the light at the end of the tunnel may seem so dim & we all have times like this. But for all the benefit bashers out there I can not understand for one minute why you can not be grateful for your lot? why people make stupid suggestions like people should only have food stamps & such? Why can’t you be grateful for your health & what ever you do have because putting other people down wont make you a ‘cooler hamster’


To you all " Just keep swimming"

I dedicate this post to a beautiful soul who after battling with cancer earned her wings, Talia Castellano.

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