Sunday, 7 July 2013

It's near Monday, Gwah!

I’m so mean reminding you but you know it is the enviable >.<

So the weather has been quiet hot here this weekend & among other things I have been trying to keep our two cute fluffy syrians as cool as possible, bless them.

This week, one of the hospital appointments I had was to see my physio who is super lovely but I think is really confused about what to do with me as I have random joint swelling that doesn’t seem to conform to any patten & the swelling usually gets exacerbated by normal physio ‘things’. I’m currently waiting for some final tests that may explain why this swelling seems to be random but for now she really seems to not know what to do with me.

I get the feeling that she really doesn’t think there is anything further she could do to help without aggravating things which almost always seems to happen when I try any physio related stuff but she seemed determined to try & seems like she doesn’t want to let me down which I appreciate.
So I’m going to be trying acupuncture again & I may be seeing a podiatrist to possibly get some insoles.

Also as people may know I started Questran for my Bile reflux & I hate it, it’s just been awful.
Ok yes the suspension is nasty to take but its not the worst but the thing that’s been quiet bad is that it has increased my nausea & the amount of bile coming up. But the worst thing is the bloating, OMG! I swear I feel like I have a beer belly & to be honest this is the one that is driving me crazy. The doctor wants me to ideally take four doses but i’m only managing two at best because of the bloating & such. I think this week i’m going to have to go back to the doctor to see what can be done.

In other news I had my benefit reviewed & it was renewed so there’s one less worry there.

And really that’s it for now, I would love to write more but writing as much as I did & re reading through it just showed the amount of Bol**cks I was writing due to the pain & how i’m feeling atm & no its not because IM CRAZY! >.< Ha Ha

Anyway new posts coming soon so stay tuned!

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