Saturday, 6 July 2013

Something new!

So a quick post to let people know that there’s something new!

I use various things to help me complete my posts & they take time to complete due to my disability obviously but with the power of the interwebs & ifttt which is an awesome service it has allowed me to route my posts through to blogger automatically.

I know that people aren’t all on one service & this may allow people that might want to see this blog to do so on a service that they’re more familiar with.

I also have set up a Google+ but at the moment ifttt doesn’t support this so updates maybe a little sparse at the present time.

To readers on blogger, originally my blog was set up on tumblr & from the first post on blogger entitled ‘#2 Weekend cuteness’, anything I post on my tumblr will appear there too.

But if you do want to read any of my old posts there are 47 over on tumblr, these wont be moved over but any future post will.

I hope this helps people :)

Edit: Please excuse any teething problems :)

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