Sunday, 23 November 2014

Counting Spoons

So what has happen since my last “spoonie” bod update?

Well all I can say is having multiple overlapping conditions is just damn complicated & inconsiderate some times, well a lot of the time. Too often than not I have learn’t that you can calculate how many spoons you may need for a particular task & often half way through a plus changes to a minus & you have to deal with the “fabulous” consequences.

But on the whole there have been many hospital appointments, GP & nurse appointments & I underwent surgery.

I was waiting to have a nerve test done which i've had & my nerves at least are doing what they are suppose to. Great, but that obviously doesn't explain the pins & needles in my feet & legs. The guy however that was doing the test said I need to be sent for a head & spinal scan & also mentioned that Doctors have found that some people on Anti-TNF treatment have discovered that it has messed up their nerves.

Oh, well that's peachy then !

It’s not like I can really choose not to take medication for my arthritis so it does "slightly " complicate things some what however there are a few similar medications that I could switch to if need be.

I've been off my Anti-TNF treatment for awhile as I had to have an operation & as my medication suppresses my immune system, my rheumatology team took me off treatment so to try & give my body the best chance of healing afterwards . Although not great, it’s worse to be left on the medication (for me personally anyway) like my old team would (different treatment but it still suppressed my immune system) as often I wouldn't heal properly & I would be more prone to infections.

The operation hurt, I was awake though sedated. I'm not a wimp about these things been as I have pain all the time but I tried to tell the anaesthetist that when I had sedation previously at this hospital for a non surgical procedure, I was barely sedated at all & obviously as this was surgery I didn't want that to happen again.

Unfortunately he took this as me having a low pain threshold instead of having a higher level of pain to deal with but I didn’t try & argue & just agreed with him as it was easier. He told me not to worry that the sedation that he was going to give would be enough but it wasn't, he had to give me more sedation & pain relief because I was too awake.

I then had to lie in recovery for an hour whilst I came round & after you have eaten they move you to a chair recovery before you are seen by a doctor & then discharged. 

So half way though being discharged I started to feel bad & that I was going to be sick so I told the doctor who asked if I "hold on for a minute" & they would get me a sick bowl. Ookk? So shes talking about my discharge whilst I try & concentrate on not throwing up on her or that's what I thought. About a minute maybe? Later she asks me if "I'm ok" I proceed to slightly shake my head, mumble "no" & then I blackout. I mean how it happens in films, think Harry Potter & the dementors without the dementors, soul sucking & the screaming. I came back around to people holding me up right on the chair on oxygen with a blood pressure cuff on & O² sats monitor. They proceeded to plonk me on a trolley & wheel me back into the recovery for another hour & a half.

Nooooo! I was trying to escape!

Turns out that my blood pressure had got really low 60/40 but by the time I left recovery (for the second time) it had got nearer normal at around 100/80. I asked the nurses if TechieCarer was ok throughout this & she said “Oh yes but you scared the doctor half to death”.

Whoops, well I did warn her!

Anyway other than an early infection which my GP was awesome quick to treat, I healed as I should & when I went to my doctor to talk to him about some other tests I had & my bowels, (I know! but everybody has them) he suggested that I had another blood test.

This was to check my ferritin levels which is an important little protein for those that don't know that stores & realises iron. I had had my red blood count done, the amount, size & shape were all as they should be & usually if they aren’t, it is a good sign of anemia. However when I had my ferritin checked my levels were really low indicating that although the other signs were fine I was infact anemic because I was deficient in the little protein that knows what to do with the iron.

This is also likely one of the main reasons I blacked out after my surgery & so I’ve now been put on quite a significant dose of iron tablets to try & get everything to how it should.

Also my usual physio is off sick (Boo! Hope she is better soon) so I have been seeing a new physio who is really nice. She had me trying wax therapy which is very odd & since I have been off my medication I’m in quite the flare & have been having alot of inflammation in my joints. My hips have been especially more painful which the physio has said is because I have bursitis in my hip (again) & inflammation in my pelvis. So unfortunately i'm not going to be able to avoid a steroid injection this time but hopefully it should get the flare inflammation back under some kind of control.

So yep that’s what's been occurring

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