Thursday, 22 May 2014

EU elections?

So it EuroVision!! Oh wait…..

So today is the EU elections, not that a significant percentage of the population actually seems to care. By watching tv & the mainstream media, it would be easy to think that UKIP were the only party standing & that different opinions almost seem to not exist. However, this has seemed to be the status quo in recent years, that less care has been put in to include all sides of an issue, with some issues completely missed from the mainstream media.

It is slowly getting better, more papers are picking up on important news stories that were once missed & Twitter, as always has stepped into fill the void.

The main reason I mention this is because most of the general public doesn’t know what the EU exactly does, other than it costs money. Leaving out how racist some have been which I for the record do not condone, If you have a party that is telling the public these “facts” about the EU unless you research it yourself (a lot don’t) many could believe in what they are saying.

In other countries kids are taught much more about how their government works. And when you are educated on something, you will come to care a lot more about it if it is lost, who is running it & if you want it changed. I think we need to educate on what the EU actually does. We rarely hear a mention of the EU (unless its an election), of debates from within the parliament. And when the mainstream parties don’t put anywhere near as much value on the EU elections as the UK general election it gives off the impression that not even the main parties give a monkeys.

You really can’t complain, if you chose not to vote. Our inaction can aid things we don’t want to happen, more extremist parties will & do get seats. All I would ask of anyone is to please vote but research their policies for yourself & know what you're voting for. The EU is proportional representation, the little parties do get seats, even spoil your ballot. And for me personally what womens suffrage went through for the vote, it would be awful not to use it.

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