Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Cute "Animal Knee high Socks"

I’ve always liked unusual, unique & geeky fashion. I saw these socks on Next’s website & just thought how awesome they were. I found I pretty much live in long socks especially in the colder months, knee high socks are a god send.

 I’ve found they are especially critical for me having arthritis as my joint pain does increase especially in harsh weather & i’ve had times where i’ve been violently shaking because I was ‘THAT’ cold so anything that lessens that even a bit is appreciated.

I always find it nice when I am able to find colourful socks especially as long socks can be often in boring colours. They are priced at £6, the quality seems fairly good however there are some untidy threads on the inside that can cause problems occasionally. I will let you know if any issues arise.

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